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Sun Noodle helps chefs and home cooks build better bowls of ramen using fresh noodles and creative ingredients. We call it craft ramen. Craft ramen is the art of making ramen your own, with your favorite flavors and personal touch in every bowl. What you create is entirely unique, fresh and delicious, right down to the last slurp.

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Sun Noodle Saimin kits make it easy to prepare fresh, delicious bowls of noodles in minutes, with traditional flavors and wholesome, MSG-free ingredients. Our noodles are made fresh with chewy texture perfect for slurping. 

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Find recipes, tips and inspiration for your next slurp. Whether you need a little inspiration for your next holiday gathering or just want a quick & easy TV viewing meal, we got you.

The Soul of Noodles

At Sun Noodle, we don’t look at noodles as something you eat. We look at noodles as a way to communicate. When we first came to Hawaii, we didn’t know how to speak English. But we knew how to make quality noodles. Noodles were the language with which we first connected to the chefs and people of Hawaii.

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