Ippudo x Sun Noodle

Limited Time Only!

Tonkotsu & Spicy Karaka Ramen

Ippudo’s Famous Signature Tonkotsu Ramen

The original “tonkotsu” (pork) broth prepared by the famed Ippudo, and thin Hakata-style noodles made from yours truly, Sun Noodle. A collaboration that you've been waiting for; enjoy Ippudo's Tonkotsu ramen with their karaka miso paste from their kitchen to yours.

1 Serving of Broth & Pork with 2 Servings of Noodles

Ippudo orders will be available for pick up starting from 1/23/2021

Local Honolulu, HI Pick-Up Only

Allergens: Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Ginger, Garlic, Alcohol, MSG, Sesame, Kelp, Capsaicin, Onion, Egg
Ingredients: Pork Broth, Chashu, Karaka Paste, Wheat Flour Noodles

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