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Saimin at Home

A special dish that can only be found in the Hawaiian Islands, is similar to ramen (call it a cousin of ramen? brother? sister? We’re all part of the same ohana!) traditionally made of wheat egg noodles served in a clear, light broth. Saimin was created in Hawaii during the plantation era when different immigrant cultures would gather to eat together. To many from the islands, having a bowl of saimin takes us back “home”.

Our founder, Hidehito Uki, never heard of Saimin until he moved to Hawaii. Falling in love with the taste and history of this simple bowl of noodle, Saimin soon became one of Sun Noodle’s staple items.

Liliha Saimin

Set of 3 Kits
$45.00 + Shipping

Back in the day, Saimin stands were common in and around Honolulu. Run by local mom & pop “hole-in-the-wall” shops, each had their own “secret recipe” and unique style of serving it. The Liliha area served as a concentration hub for these old school stands. Typically enjoyed with BBQ beef sticks, and even hamburgers and french fries, the saimin dish continues to be a standard for Hawai’i local comfort food.

Haleiwa Drymein

Set of 3 Kits
$45.00 + Shipping

The North Shore has always been home of the famous garlic shrimp trucks. Fresh from nearby shrimp farms and packed full of flavor, nothing hits the lunch time craving like the taste of buttery garlic shrimp! Mixed with the unique old school Maui-style of “dry mein” (dry saimin), this combination of noodles with garlic butter shrimp flavor is a unique local experience like no other.

Variety Pack

Set of 3 Kits
$45.00 + Shipping

Try the best of both worlds!
From the North Shore to Liliha in a few bites, slurp along with us in your choice of variety pack.

We are excited to offer the Liliha Saimin and Haleiwa Drymein kits to you. Kits include saimin noodles (dehydrated, not fried) and soup base for you to make at home or to give as the perfect gift for friends and family.

All Kits include noodles, soup base, spices and are shelf-stable.

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